3 Ways to Follow Up Your Event Attendees for Greater Top of Mind Awareness

3 ways to follow up your event attendees for greater top of mind awareness

You’ve successfully organized your event. Congrats! You have spent huge time and money putting all these together, but it doesn’t end when your event ends. It’s just the beginning. Research shows that people attend an average of 5.3 events per quarter, meaning that your event will quickly disappear from their minds if it doesn’t stand out.

To help your event stand out and be top-of-mind, we’ve compiled 3 ways to follow up. But before we go there, we’d like to talk about what you have to do before and during the event.

Before the event

Before the event, email your audience and prepare them for an amazing event ahead. Give them some heads up and peak their curiosity so they will come with excitement and expectations.

You could also send them a short video clip of yourself, thanking them for registering for your event. This way, you’d come across as more personal and hence more memorable.

If you think that’s not enough, you could get them to be more involved by surveying them, either through email or phone. Ask them what would they want you to touch on during your presentation? This way, they would feel more involved in your event, and hence, would be more likely to bring more people.

To remind them of your event, drop them a message 1-2 days before the event starts. Some people just doesn’t seem to remember appointments/events. We’ve met people like that! So by dropping them a reminder, you’ll reduce the drop out rates for your events. I mean, you’ve spent so much time and money advertising for your event, you wouldn’t want them to miss out at the last minute just because they forgot about it.

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During the event

During the event, surprise them with a goodie bag. Many event holders make this mistake of giving self-promotional items like corporate and dull notebooks, tons of company’s flyers and brochures. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t print flyers or brochures. Flyers and brochures, when done properly, can be an effective marketing technique, to make people remember you. But many times, flyers and brochures of companies are dull pieces of papers that no one reads!Brochures got to have good design, first and foremost.

What goes into an effective company brochure:

  • Basically, you need to treat your company’s brochureas a sales page. A sales page is a page that generates leads for you. How do you do that on a brochure? Most important factor is to show that you understand your customers’ problems. Empathize with your customers. When your customers feel that they know what you’re talking about, they will read more.
  • Show your products/services can help solve their problem. Pack your brochure with proofs. Proof makes people trust you, and eventually turn people into customers.
  • Give them an offer that’s easy to say yes to. You can’t say a $5000 product/service on a piece of paper. Give them something easy to say yes to. For example, offer a free consultation, offer to subscribe them to your monthly newsletter, offer a free sample of your product and etc.
  • Make sure that your brochure is simple, easy to read and has elegant design. Don’t put all the information in, just put relevant info. If it’s too cluttered, people won’t read it. It is important that you make your customers remember you for ONE thing. This is very important. Great companies are remembered for one thing. Google is remembered for their search engine. Nike is remembered for their cool-looking shoes. Yakun is remembered for their coffee. Breadtalk is remembered for their breads.

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After the event

After the event, what can you do? Here are the 3 ways:

  • Send them a thank you card. Yes, it might be very outdated in this digital age, but thank you cards are personal, and surprise your audience. Surely they will remember you.
  • Offer to connect them to one another. Remember that guy that said he’s looking for a supplier? And you met a supplier in your event? Connect them to one another. Both of them will remember you, and most importantly, remember that your event was useful to them.
  • Send them notes of the event. People don’t usually take notes. Send them a summary of what the event was about, what you guys learned, etc.Attendees expect relevant, compelling event experiences, content and insights in order to justify time away from the office and the cost to attend so this will be very helpful to them.

After the event, follow up campaigns include thanking attendees, asking for feedback, suggesting additional resources or events, and providing next steps. These are the important steps to do to be able to get the attention of the attendees and create a positive impression towards the event.

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