5 Most Effective Ways to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Event

5 Most Effective Ways to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Event

We promise no more flops for you. Create enough buzz to get more people attending your event using social media marketing.

Have you ever prepared for an event so diligently, managing the manpower and logistics perfectly, only to find out during the event itself that you failed to reach half of the expected turnout? Missing out on the marketing part is a common mistake among events planning amateurs, and we’re here to make sure you don’t fall for it again. Here are 5 surefire ways to get more people flocking to your next event.

1. Create a Facebook event page.

Sounds like a no-brainer, but there’s more to it than the obvious. Creating an event page is one of the most effective Facebook marketing strategies to boost awareness of your event. Whenever followers sign up on the RSVP, it appears on both their timeline and their friends’ news feed, therefore getting more people hear about your event. If you want to create a buzz on your event through Facebook, it starts with making your Facebook page likeable. Also, include links to ticket-purchasing sites to make attendance a lot more convenient for your prospects.

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2. Remarket using Facebook Ads.

It’s possible that people will consider attending, but not register after viewing your event page for the first time. Therefore, it’s also your job to remind them about your event on another occasion. Ads are a great Facebook marketing tool for this purpose. By fine-tuning your ad’s settings, you can follow-through people who already visited your business or event page at least once, but haven’t decided to attend yet. Perhaps when the date is nearing and they are more certain that they’ll be free for your event, they would sign up after spotting your Facebook Ad.

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3. Create a #hashtag for all social media platforms.

Hashtags are meant to help you see what people are saying about your event. A unique and catchy hashtag is a social media marketing tool that can’t be missed, because you can add it to a number of online platforms: from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, mailers, and websites. Don’t forget to tweet and post using the hashtag regularly to keep the conversation going.

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4. Give incentives for user-generated posts.

Instead of you doing all the social media marketing work, get people spreading the news on your behalf. You can encourage more people to talk about your event by setting up a contest for the quickest and most creative of your followers. For example, you can give free tickets and freebies for users who post the first 5 Facebook statuses using your hashtag, or the top 3 funniest tweets about your event. Watch people hurry to get your cool prizes while giving your event even more buzz.

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5. Publish a shareable reel.

Video is definitely one of the hottest social media marketing tools; and when done right, it can be the most effective. Combine spectacular clips, sounds, and texts, so you can capture the essence of your event and convince more people that it is worth going to. Include snapshots from past events you hosted, a montage from planning and preparation, as well as clips of your featured guests. An awesome video will not only get people excited, but also make them feel proud that they’re attending–perhaps even so compelled that they’ll share it on social media.

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