The Timeless Email Marketing Tips in Promoting Industry Events in Singapore

The Timeless Email Marketing Tips in Promoting Industry Events in Singapore

In the marketing arena, E-mail has defied the kiss of death by the more recent social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. According to Forrester Research, 89% of marketers said that e-mail was still the principal channel for lead generation. HubSpot Singapore adds that 74% of consumers prefer receiving commercial communications via e-mail.

“What does this mean for industry events? In a globally-competitive business hub like Singapore, advertising and waiting there for clients and partners to patronize your business is not anymore an option.”

Proactive reaching out is the best way to go if you want to attract your actual and potential clients and partners to your events. Without a planned proactive promotion, even the grandest and well-thought out event will less likely succeed. Here are timeless e-mail marketing tips on how to make your industry event a sold-out:


Pool a list of participants, influencers, and communities who have moderate to high probability of interest in the event. Since e-mails have been abused through time, law regulations such as the Spam Control Act and consumers’ value for identity security have limited the freedom of businesses in using said channel. The best way to build your database then is to allow your audience to opt-in your e-mail marketing campaigns on your website or through e-mail subscription.Creating lead generation for consenting and willing audience ensures that your message lands in the inboxes of people who really want to see it. You may also make use of previous contact lists from past events. Using tools to capture more e-mail addresses through your website or availing of data banks of professionals should be the last resort in case of insufficient on-hand information.

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According to Aberdeen Group, personalized e-mails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.Gone are the days of sending out generic messages in the hope of hitting the right birds at the same time. The “copy and send to all” strategy doesn’t work anymore. When sending a message, humanize the brand by treating the person as an individual not an entity. If you know their topics of interest, tailor your message to their wants and needs. Write in a professional yet friendly tone.

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Your target audience are not called business people for nothing. They don’t have much time to go through a long-winded message. Start the message by an engaging subject line which inspires curiosity, anger, or unease. For example, in promoting your event, you may use “5 things you’ll surely miss when you don’t attend the event” to get the attention of the reader.

On the other hand, the message should be simple but must already contain all the essentials. Highlight the selling points of the event such as the sponsor, speakers, topics of discussion, or the event program. Emphasize the benefits and deliverables they will get from the event. If you could express some details in pictures, the better for your readers. According to HubSpot, 65% prefer e-mails that contain mostly images than those that are mostly text.

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Weekends are the best days to send promotional e-mails. People may give consideration and positive response when they are less stressed from work. Particularly, they should be sent from 8PM to midnight according to Awebstar.

Moreover, create a good contentso even if you only send twice or thrice it will already make an impact. You may first send an e-mail to inform them of early bird registration promos or of the speaker line-up. Send them another after the promo ends. Send the final one a few days before the event.

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If you want to retain a sustainable pack of audience, you must protect their data to the extent necessary. They don’t want their information openly available to all people in the event even if networking is what they came for. Keep in mind your limitations in handling their identity information. After all, they would be the same audience you would more likely invite in your succeeding events. You may also want to make the extra effort of asking their expectations so you may take it into consideration in finalizing your event.


Gauging the success of your e-mail marketing efforts is one of the most important parts of the process. Having measurement metrics in mind will help you determine whether or not you are accomplishing your event goals and objectives. You may use click-through-rates, conversation rates, or bounce rates as metrics. Other e-mail marketing applications may also provide you insights on your e-mail marketing efforts.

E-mail marketing may have proved to weather the new trends of time but if misused, abused, and not taken advantage of, the promotion of any product, service, or event through emails might be unsuccessful if not a disaster.

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