Events Telemarketing: How to Make your Invites Bear Fruit

Events Telemarketing- How to Make your Invites Bear Fruit

The B2B industry today is brimming with opportunities. It is then important for companies to use a variety of methods and techniques to meet such possibilities as network expansion, demand generation and lead generation.

Among the most effective means that businesses can employ are company events such as exhibitions and webinars. Recent surveys stated that these are excellent sources for B2B leads, but this is only relative to the way the companies market these events. Poor event marketing of course can only result in poor turnouts, in turn leading to wasted time and resources.

Much like B2B lead generation for certain products and services, event marketing should also use only the best practices in terms of prospecting for and inviting people to conferences and other activities.

In light of this, it is essential to improve one’s events telemarketing to attract decision-makers like bees to a flower garden. Dig these tips out and get a jar of sweet sales conversions in the process.

Talk about relevance. First of all, why do you want people to attend your event? The gist of most business engagements such as trade shows and exhibitions is networking. Other than that, participants want to be exposed to new information, stuff they have not yet encountered from anywhere else.  A call-to-invite campaign should thus center on such relevant benefits.

Discuss missed opportunities. Aside from business opportunities and industry information, decision-makers might also miss out on stimulating brand awareness if they decline your invites. In this day and age, businesses could not afford to lag behind the competition, which is why they rely on conferences and exhibitions to spread their brand’s message. In this sense, losing such an opportunity could be an apt motivation for attending the event.

Confirm attendances. When someone says yes to your invitation, you will need to make sure that it is a surefire commitment. Effective follow up via multi-channel techniques enables you to finalize your list of attendees and single-out last minute declines.

Keep reaching out. With the event over, you do not simply let go of the people that attended it. Thank them for participating and ask for their feedback. The important thing is to maintain the communication line to update them on new offers. They might also goad other people within their network to attend future events.

But events telemarketing is as difficult as preparing for the event itself. Fortunately, a business can always lighten the workload by employing the B2B lead generation services of a competent company.

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