Ultimate Guide on How to Launch a Successful Business Event in Singapore

How to Launch & Manage a Successful Singapore Business Event in 2017

Building connection with your audience is important when marketing your product. Online presence through social media, SEO and creating quality content is proven effective.

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However, many business owners still believe that having a face to face interaction with your audience is important in building relationship with your existing and future customers. One way to do this is to host business events such as trade shows, seminars and Expos which can help add value to your business and is the best way to build long lasting relationship with your customers.

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Events like these will get more attention for your product and provide great opportunities such as;

  • Meeting new prospects
  • Build trust with existing and future prospects
  • Giving customers a memorable experience with your business
  • Increase the value of your products or service by making it more friendly and accessible

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Here are some tips on how to launch and manage a business event this 2017.


Ask yourself, “Why am I hosting an event? What for?” Business events are not just to get more attention but for people to be aware of your product and turn them into buying customers.

TIP: Make sure to host 1 event per year. Whether you decide to host a product launch, trade shows or seminar, you have to keep your target audience as narrow as possible so it’ll be easy for you to market and manage the event.

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Timing is crucial when launching an event. It determines the success and failure of the event. What to consider when finding the right time to launch an event?

  • The best time to launch an event. For example, holiday seasons such as Chinese new year is a bad time to launch an event because most people are on vacation.
  • The type of product to launch. New toys and gadgets must  be launched during holiday season where people tend to buy as gifts.

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Location can affect the number of people who will attend the event. Make your venue as accessible as possible for your target audience. Locations will depend on:

  • How big your company is
  • The product that you’re launching
  • The amount you’re willing to invest

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The hardest part about planning an event is how to make it more memorable for your target audience. Make them feel like it’s worth attending which gives them something valuable after attending.

What to do?

  • Make sure to provide information that they can apply on their jobs.
  • GIve your audience free access to your product so they can experience it on their own. Find out how it works from their point of view.
  • Provide discounts on the items purchased at the event.
  • Get an industry influencer as a speaker to make the event more exciting and informative.
  • Make your audience comfortable. Provide seats or complimentary drinks.

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The number of people who will attend the event is important in order for the event to become successful. Few days before the date of the event, make sure to follow up and call those who showed interest on your product.

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Hosting an event and managing it can be stressful but exciting at the same time. Attendees who go through a lot of trouble upon attending will have a negative experience and would refuse to attend your next event. With proper planning and execution will get you on the right track. So follow these tips when you’re planning on hosting an event for your business.


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