Make your Business Grow through Effective Corporate Events

Make your Business Grow through Effective Corporate Events

There has been a lot of talk recently about the continuing emergence of marketing automation systems, with B2B companies investing in lead management and market research tools. This is also true with businesses that want to upgrade their appointment setting infrastructure to increase their sales conversions.

But even with such developments, businesses still see great potential in corporate events. Direct marketing and selling are still best implemented through real-time activities such as exhibitions, trade shows, corporate meetings and product launchings.

Considering that many B2B buyers prefer direct in-person engagement over emails and inbound calling, it wouldn’t hurt at all to ride this persisting trend. For a fact, corporate events make business expansion possible. Recent surveys state they are more effective in terms of generating quality sales leads. High sales conversions have also been attributed to effective company events.

Success in planning and implementing such activities is altogether a different story. It all depends on how well you study the factors that make a boring hour-long conference into a goldmine of business opportunities.

Put benefits in mind. People attend events for different reasons. In the case of business managers, they join in order to discover something new and relevant. They want to know what else is there being discussed by other industry minds. For the most part, they want to be informed. When preparing for an event, always consider the beneficial information that your audience can gain, whether in the form of industry wisdom from influential speakers or new product offers.

Plan the venue and context. A successful event wouldn’t be possible without an appropriate venue and a holistic theme. When choosing a place to hold the event, make sure it provides a comfortable atmosphere for the participants and minimizes distractions. Also, you will need to give the event context by focusing on a certain theme or a certain problem.

Attract the right people. With the theme in mind, you will need to prospect for attendees that fit snuggly within the context of the occasion. For instance, social media-related events are obviously geared towards social entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses wanting to expand online, and companies eager to discover new strategies in implementing their social media marketing campaigns.

Follow up on newfound partners. Attendees can still network with you even after the event. For this reason, a follow up campaign is needed to maintain communication lines and facilitate the transition of attendees into sales prospects.

Taking all these into account, you might be facing a very difficult task ahead. In most cases, you might want to consider an extra hand to help you out. A competent B2B lead generation company will sure do the trick, at least in marketing your event to the right participants and realize turn-outs higher than estimated.

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