How to Maximize Limited Resources for your Company Events

How to Maximize Limited Resources for your Company Events

Nowadays, any B2B business cannot survive long without holding a company event or two. Statistics show that company events such as conferences and webinars are the most effective demand generation tools providing new clientele. A majority of marketers even say that they are able to generate and qualify the most B2B sales leads from such events.  

However, it is worth noting that a lot of sweat and soul is involved in creating a successful company event. Not only that, money is also an important factor and business managers need to maximize every cent they invested in organizing such events.

Every enterprise feels pinched by their limited budgets that they feel they can hardly do anything to make their events stand out and achieve what they set out to do. But there are of course solutions to this dilemma of resource allocation. It only takes creativity and a thorough understanding of cost-efficient event marketing techniques.

Create an effective plan. This is already a basic topic in Event Marketing 101 and yet barely applied in the real world. Careful planning with regards the venue and accommodation are a real butt hurt to organizers, unless you opt for a webinar in the comfort of your office. In addition, you will have to identify the who’s and the what’s (respectively, the target audience and the overall theme of the event). It’s a tedious process, but exerting tremendous effort in effective planning can improve the quality of your event regardless the size of your budget.

Start early. With a limited budget, expect a sluggish feedback to your event invitations. Starting right away long before the intended date of the event allows for a better experience polishing your targeted email list and telemarketing platform.

Broadcast via social media. We all know it is overrated, but social media marketing for your event may be your best bet. For only a small price, you can effectively spread the word about your event to your intended audience.

Go visual. If there’s anything we’ve learned from advertising, it is that visual content is a vice; a damn good vice. Audiences react more to effective graphics and imagery, so it actually pays if you focus more on building interest through eye-catching posters. Tone down a bit on extravagance though.

Hire a lead generation company. Marketing an event involves hard work and expertise, two things close to the heart of a competent B2B multi-channel marketing company. At least you can free yourself from the stress of marketing the event and spend more time planning it well.

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