3 Parts of The Best Events Calling Script in Singapore

Parts of The Best Calling Script in Following up Events in Singapore

Since the national Do-Not-Call Registry in Singapore was rolled in December 2013, drastic changes have transpired in the B2B marketing arena. While most marketers admit that the new regulation has made telemarketing success even more of a challenge, PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) Chairman Leong Keng Thai has contradictory views with regards the new law.

In an article written by Jayden Chu in sbr.com.sg,

The PDPC Chairman says that with the setting up of the registry, marketers for business can target more productively  people who are “interested to receive information on products and services”.

With the current status quo of telemarketing in Singapore, it is just wise enough to draft scripts that are captivating and adhere to legal requirements. Aside from that, let us constantly remind ourselves of the current competition in the market.

Creative Singaporean marketers who are looking for more ways to get ahead in business rivalry even made it compulsory to create a compelling calling script in following up on their events. Speaking of which, we have a presentation on slideshare that describes the parts of a perfect events calling script.

Bonus: We included a sample event calling script you can check into. Enjoy!

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore from Jayden Chu


The Opening

The Opening spiel identifies you, the caller , the company you represent and the purpose of the call. It must include a warm greeting and and a brief branding of the product or service.

The Body

Event telemarketing campaigns usually kick off with email blasts of the invitation brochures. The email must contain the event details, a registration link, and some FAQs.

The Closing

Your closing spiel must contain the the event details, reminders for the prospect of an email notification of his registration, and your thank you spiel.


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