3 Parts of The Best Events Calling Script in Singapore

Parts of The Best Calling Script in Following up Events in Singapore

Since the national Do-Not-Call Registry in Singapore was rolled in December 2013, drastic changes have transpired in the B2B marketing arena. While most marketers admit that the new regulation has made telemarketing success even more of a challenge, PDPC (Personal Data Protection Commission) Chairman Leong Keng Thai has contradictory views with regards the new law.

In an article written by Jayden Chu in sbr.com.sg,

The PDPC Chairman says that with the setting up of the registry, marketers for business can target more productively  people who are “interested to receive information on products and services”.

With the current status quo of telemarketing in Singapore, it is just wise enough to draft scripts that are captivating and adhere to legal requirements. Aside from that, let us constantly remind ourselves of the current competition in the market.

Creative Singaporean marketers who are looking for more ways to get ahead in business rivalry even made it compulsory to create a compelling calling script in following up on their events. Speaking of which, we have a presentation on slideshare that describes the parts of a perfect events calling script.

Bonus: We included a sample event calling script you can check into. Enjoy!

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore from Jayden Chu


The Opening

The Opening spiel identifies you, the caller , the company you represent and the purpose of the call. It must include a warm greeting and and a brief branding of the product or service.

The Body

Event telemarketing campaigns usually kick off with email blasts of the invitation brochures. The email must contain the event details, a registration link, and some FAQs.

The Closing

Your closing spiel must contain the the event details, reminders for the prospect of an email notification of his registration, and your thank you spiel.


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Calling Attendees before your Event in Singapore. What’s the Advantage?

Traditionally, cold calling was the initial touch base for most b2b event marketing campaigns. However, with the evolution of new and advanced technologies on marketing automation and lead nurturing processes, it has taken a backseat and now comes secondary and or follow-up to email. For event campaigns, a mere email invite may not be able to stand alone without a follow up call. The two are fractions of a multi-channel marketing program which is comprised of voice, email, web, social and mobile, concurrently working altogether to drive success for event campaigns.   

Aside from email, social media and professional networking sites are equally big time lead contributors in an event campaign. In fact, social media has 100% higher lead to close rate than outbound marketing. (Hubspot)

However, calling remains to play an important role that supports all the other channels to drive a continuous and successful campaign workflow. Below are the three core advantages of calling attendees before an event as cited by Callbox.  

Calling has a personal touch

After sending a personalized email invite to prospective attendees for your event, set follow-up calls to make the invitation more personal. Decision makers are likely to recall event details and get interested to participate when they are able to speak with a live representative from the inviting party.

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78% of decision makers polled have taken an appointment or attended an event that came from an email or cold call  (DiscoverOrg) Although a number of follow up may be required before a decision maker says “yes” to attend an event, the data shows how the dynamics of both channels can boost the number of attendees when appropriately done.

Calling allows more flexibility

The email copy, whether generic or personalized, may only give the prospect a shot of information about the event, but a live conversation can do more – event details can be emphasized, questions will be answered right away and underlying issues can be addressed at the soonest time.

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Marketing experts suggest that  the best days and time to call are during Wednesdays and Thursdays, between 6-9am and 4-6pm (RingDNA), but demographical factors and historical data should also be considered like the prospect’s preferred timing to speak or a business’ current economic status etc.

Here’s the catch:  Regardless of the day and time, each follow up call is an opportune moment to rework an approach. Remember that an email invite has already been sent before you got hold of the prospect on a follow up call. Chances are, he could have read your email already so grab all the chances to get the prospect registered while you have him on the call.

Calling validates measurable results

Advanced data tracking tools deliver real time reports on emails opened, links clicked, website visits and forms submitted. No doubt these are measurable CTAs that can be segmented and filtered to reflect the need of prospects, however may still require next action steps like “calling” in order to complete the lead generation process.

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Take this scenario as an example, a prospect who clicked a link in an email copy may have varied reasons in doing so – he may be curious what the event is all about, interested to see more information or just simply navigating through the page. The action may only be validated by calling the prospect to confirm his real intention for clicking the link and gauge his level of interest in attending the event.

Here’s a sample script:

“Mr. prospect, I can see that you clicked the link to the topics that will be discussed during the seminar.

Note: The prospect may either confirm the action or would further ask more information. Be on guard for buying signals so that you can gauge the prospect’s interest in attending the event.

“I will send you a complete information/brochures about the topics on the seminar, and I’d be glad to reserve you a seat/seats as spots are limited to rsvp’d individuals only. Would you like me to register you on your behalf?”

Note: Depending on the campaign guideline, you may either register the prospect online while on the call or let him do it by himself if he prefers so.

Remember, a one call resolution is an effective KPI to achieve campaign goals.

Now, those follow up, confirmation and reminder calls have done their jobs to help you achieve your target attendees for the event. But aside from these pre-event calling activities, post event calls can do further lead nurturing until these leads mature and be ready for the next level of sales engagement. Here’s how lead nurturing in Singapore is done!

Calling is undeniably a very important factor in completing an event marketing process to solidify registration and attendance goals, and augment pre and post sales efforts to achieve sales goals.

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The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore from Jayden Chu

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Reference: http://blog.hubspot.com/sales/sales-statistics

Events Telemarketing: How to Make your Invites Bear Fruit

Events Telemarketing- How to Make your Invites Bear Fruit

The B2B industry today is brimming with opportunities. It is then important for companies to use a variety of methods and techniques to meet such possibilities as network expansion, demand generation and lead generation.

Among the most effective means that businesses can employ are company events such as exhibitions and webinars. Recent surveys stated that these are excellent sources for B2B leads, but this is only relative to the way the companies market these events. Poor event marketing of course can only result in poor turnouts, in turn leading to wasted time and resources.

Much like B2B lead generation for certain products and services, event marketing should also use only the best practices in terms of prospecting for and inviting people to conferences and other activities.

In light of this, it is essential to improve one’s events telemarketing to attract decision-makers like bees to a flower garden. Dig these tips out and get a jar of sweet sales conversions in the process.

Talk about relevance. First of all, why do you want people to attend your event? The gist of most business engagements such as trade shows and exhibitions is networking. Other than that, participants want to be exposed to new information, stuff they have not yet encountered from anywhere else.  A call-to-invite campaign should thus center on such relevant benefits.

Discuss missed opportunities. Aside from business opportunities and industry information, decision-makers might also miss out on stimulating brand awareness if they decline your invites. In this day and age, businesses could not afford to lag behind the competition, which is why they rely on conferences and exhibitions to spread their brand’s message. In this sense, losing such an opportunity could be an apt motivation for attending the event.

Confirm attendances. When someone says yes to your invitation, you will need to make sure that it is a surefire commitment. Effective follow up via multi-channel techniques enables you to finalize your list of attendees and single-out last minute declines.

Keep reaching out. With the event over, you do not simply let go of the people that attended it. Thank them for participating and ask for their feedback. The important thing is to maintain the communication line to update them on new offers. They might also goad other people within their network to attend future events.

But events telemarketing is as difficult as preparing for the event itself. Fortunately, a business can always lighten the workload by employing the B2B lead generation services of a competent company.

Service: Call to talk about event appointment

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