Why Telemarketers Love/Hate their Job

Why Telemarketers Love Hate their Job

In B2B marketing, we are always faced by the prospect of getting rejected. You pick up a phone, conduct a cold call, and talk with a prospect only to find he or she has no interest in your offers. Isn’t it just frustrating? Others will say that B2B telemarketing should always be frustrating, especially when it is specifically done for generating sales leads.

There’s no wonder why telemarketers hate their position, being at the frontlines of prospecting for leads and setting up sales appointments. Having to deal with irate prospects is just too much for someone to bear. But even if we are faced squarely by these realities in terms of lead generation telemarketing, we cannot entirely shrug off the fact that we are assuming multi-faceted responsibilities.

Aside from securing a fresh group of B2B sales leads for our respective businesses, we are also partly responsible for solving certain issues that clients want to streamline or optimize. In a way, each conversation that we strike up with a potential customer can transform into an opportunity for that customer to apply beneficial solutions, especially to highly complex problems that have long been left unchecked.

We can see here that the telemarketer is in a love/hate relationship with his or her line of work. It illustrates one of many paradoxes we usually encounter in daily life, like the impulse to go on a shopping spree or upholding a decision to cheat on one’s diet.

There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to contacting leads through phone. Regardless, telemarketers need to persevere and always conduct themselves professionally whenever they face someone on the other line.

Give value to politeness. Nothing screams professionalism than a polite attitude, for it certainly comprises the factors involved in effectively attaining a qualified sales prospect. Whenever someone perceives your positivity, there is a higher likelihood her or she will engage you further than when you seem to exhibit disinterest.

Be clear and concise. Lead generation telemarketing is more a craft than a technical thing. Like an artist, the telemarketer should be able to craft the conversation with precision and straightforwardness until a confirmation for an appointment is reached.

Put down that call script for a while. The call script shouldn’t supply the content of your conversations. It should serve as a guide and nothing more. What you should be focused on is gaining a personal connection. Trust can only be forged when you give your cold calls a more human touch.

Taking these tips into account will surely help you love more the challenges telemarketing has in store.

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