Tips when Representing your Company on Business Events

Tips when Representing your Company on Business Events

A neat business suit can make you look perfectly presentable in a business event.

But there’s more to just having good looks by wearing the best business suit ensemble when one is attending an event or trade fair to represent the company – character, professionalism and PR engagement are just a few of the important must-haves in a business event.

Take some tips that can make you represent well your company in a business event:

Set A Goal

MindTools suggests that you must have an objective in coming to the event, otherwise you will be putting all the budget, time and effort  to waste for just showing up for nothing.

Your goals may be:

If you have a specific goal in mind, you’ll be able to accomplish one productive out-of-office workday that would benefit the business for the long term.   

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Research About Other Attendees

Who else is attending the event? From which business industry or community sector are they? What’s this particular person/company’s role in the event? Which social circles are they in?

Research for information and look for answers to the questions above to keep you on guard on profiling target customers during the event.

Data must include:

  • the best people among the attendees to speak with
  • Sensible topics that would engage your targets in a conversation
  • Thoughts on subject matter discussed/presented in the event  

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Prep Materials

Let’s go back to school for awhile…bring a pen, paper or notebook and make sure you have finished  your homework and have studied your lessons – that’s just exactly how it should be like when you are planning to attend a business event.

So fill your school, I meant event bag with:

  • Memo/gadget to record important notes like contact information
  • Collaterals to give out like flyers, brochures and business cards
  • And the “knowledge” to share at the same time received in the event and the other attendees  

Be aggressive in taking the said actions but remain professional.

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Network During And Follow Up After The Event

As you speak with target customers in the event, make sure to keep a profile of them and never end a conversation without them having your business card on hand.

Here’s a few little things to note:

  • Choose relevant topics to open a conversation
  • Ask questions and actively listen to the answers
  • Talk to as many co-attendees as you can and exchange sensible of ideas

Keep both a physical and mental database of the most qualified targets you have spoken to and follow-up on them via email or sms to nurture the relationship for future business deals. Learn how Callbox Singapore nurture their leads until they are sales ready.


You may publicize your attendance to a business event if the organizers permit. If so, publicizing the event would merit you and your company with:

  • An impression of being cooperative and proactive in business enhancement events
  • Becoming more known to other colleagues and to target customers
  • Widened market reach and network

Business events happen occasionally, and the chance to represent your company is a privilege to learn more knowledge about the business.

Here’s a few successful event marketing campaigns: 

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It’s also a proof of trust on someone who can represent the company and speak of its goals, capabilities, potentials and achievement, and which every second of time and amount of dollar spent for his attendance in the said event would make investment returns.



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