The Strategic Marketing of Using Events to Improve Customer Loyalty

The Strategic Marketing of Using Events to Improve Customer Loyalty

“When I first traveled to Singapore I spent most of my night outs feasting on hawker foods and sipping gin-based cocktail called Singapore Sling. It’s one cooler that has captured my discriminating taste. My future travels would definitely lead back to the Lion City. “

How are these hawker centres able to build customer loyalty from chanced customers like tourists? Does the testimony connote Customer Loyalty at all?

Customer Loyalty may be simply perceived as when customers choose to buy your product or take advantage of your service over the others. Hence, achieving it requires a full strategic process and management efforts. Let’s start the discussion by defining customer loyalty and learn some insights from the experts:

What is Customer Loyalty? simply defines customer loyalty as when people consistently purchase the same products or services or come to shop from the same store over a period of time. True. When customers gain positive buying experience from your store or with your brand they’ll definitely find their way back to you and eventually become your business’ regular customers.

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How about businesses staged in events or trade fairs or street kiosks? How will they be able to build or improve customer loyalty from a temporary marketing stint that stands for just a day or two? Where and how would your customers find you after the event or how would you reach out to them after bidding goodbye from a quick conversation or product demonstration in a trade fair?

Here’s the 3 Ways to Follow Up Your Event Attendees for Greater Top of Mind Awareness

Whether you are welcoming a customer from a brick-and-mortar store, chatting with them to answer their queries via social media platforms or meeting them in your big, colorful kiosk in an event, is an opportune time to build and improve customer loyalty. Take some tips below: suggests to make a connection by talking to your customers.

Ask them questions, answer their queries and show some product demonstration to give them a brighter idea of how your product or service works. Human interaction is the most effective customer service experience over other channels like social media and emails. Start with greeting your customers at your most pleasant “Hi” or “Hello” and end with the most sincere “Goodbye” and “Thank you”. Take advantage of the moment when you have the customer in front of you for which the chance to be able to gain their trust is high. 

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Buyers nowadays rely not only on how the product works but also delve on its effects, inception, market feedback and competency. You cannot explain all these important information in a 5-10 minute chat with a customer in an exhibit booth so instead lead them into a website or hand them some brochures as references. Remember, they came to the event with varied reasons like to just check out what’s new, curious how the event runs or maybe just dropped in by chance. You can’t hold them up in a conversation for a long time so hand them some take home information about your offers to show that you are dead serious of how your product may be beneficial to them. Follow these steps and find sales leads in the business events that you intend to join whether you’re the host or the attendee. emphasizes on measuring and managing customer satisfaction.

customer satisfaction

Rolling out the best sales and marketing strategies can assure of you of acquiring new customers but retaining the old ones require more efforts of continuous nurturing.

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Customer loyalty isn’t instantly built at first time encounter in your exhibition booth but takes a process and series of interaction between you and your customers long after the event. Take necessary steps and tactics to measure how happy your customers were after their first use of the product, solicit feedback and hear their suggestions and extend an extra mile of service to make them feel extra valued.

Regardless how and where you encounter a customer, in a fine restaurant, hawker centre or in an IT event, take advantage of the opportune time to build and improve customer loyalty by making a personal connection through sensible conversation, educating your customers with knowledge and substantial information of who you are and how your business can be beneficial to them and becoming aware of your customers’ thoughts and needs through measurable results. Thus, you’ll be surprised to know that your loyal customers be the ones promoting your product on your behalf.

Would you care for a glass of the Raffles Singapore Sling tonight?


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