What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

You have an upcoming event and your team focused on building a targeted list. Created invitations with detailed information such as; reason or purpose of the event, date, time and location. Made sure everything is ready and all emails were sent out to your audience.

Two weeks before the event, a few people responded and expressed their interest. For what reason? Probably, some people didn’t receive the email, they ignored it, was sent to their spam mailbox, or they’re just not interested. Who knows exactly the reason why.

Now, there’s only one thing you know. You need to follow up on them all but don’t know where to start. Here’s how to follow up those who failed to respond on your email invites. Utilize all possible ways to touch base with your targeted audience. Following up and focusing on email alone might make people think you’re a spammer and eventually block your email permanently. Try Multi-channel Marketing approach to reach out and keep in touch with your prospects. I’ve listed some tips on what to do after sending out email invitations to your target audience.

#1: Send out “Thank you” or “Welcome” email to those who wishes to attend.

What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

People nowadays sign up for multiple events to gain knowledge and build connections with other business owners. Unless you get in touch with them right away, they might forget they signed up on your list.

TIP: Include a Call to Action button in your email. For example, include links to a calendar invite so people can automatically add  themselves to remind them about the event. This gives higher chances that people will attend.

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#2: Follow up on Social Media.

What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

Add them on Facebook or ask them to follow you on Twitter. Also, if there’s a specific hashtag for your event, use it when posting updates about the event as well. This will help additional people to be aware of your event. Following up through social media can help you with your marketing efforts. When posting updates about the event and add links to a blog post in your website for more information about the event.

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#3: Follow up through a phone call. Make a reminder call at least 2 days before the event.

What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

It’s a great way to stay in touch with your target audience as they might tend to forget about the event because of their busy schedule. This will help increase the number of attendees. Also, in cases wherein people are no longer available, at least you can always schedule them for the next event.

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#4: Utilize TV and Radio ads.

What’s the Next Step in Sending Event Emails?

We can’t deny that other people would prefer to see or hear it for them to gain interest than just by reading about it. By using TV and radio ads, you are also updating your audience about the event and making other people aware of it as well. You could find other websites that lets you place your events or let you find events in Singapore.

Try different approaches when following up on your email invites to make people become aware of your event. Different people have different ways to find out what’s going on in their society. By using Multi-channel Marketing approach, you’re targeting different people by letting them aware of your brand and company.


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