Your Key to Success: Look for Sales Leads in Business Events

Your Key to Success: Look for Sales Leads in Business Events

Are you looking for ways to generate more sales leads for your business?

Many business owners believe that social media can generate enough leads for their company. However, research shows that using different social media platforms alone is not enough in generating qualified leads.

In modern sales and marketing, multi-channel approach, a combination of social media, email,seo, telemarketing and business events or webinars, is considered the most effective way to generate and nurture quality sales leads.

I’m sure you’ve already read articles about multi-channel marketing, if not yet this would be a good reference for you.. In this article, I will discuss on how to increase your sales leads by utilizing business events.

Whether you’re the host or simply an attendee, business events and webinars work well for most business owners when looking for sales leads. Trade shows, conferences and industry events can be considered as one of the best lead generation medium as you’ll get to meet different people  including business owners, influential people within your industry and possible prospects. Business events have many benefits for your growing business.

As a host


Webinars, training events, trade shows and conferences can give people a chance to interact with your business and learn more about your products and services. It might start a potential sale that can lead to conversion. It can create a buzz especially when launching a new product or service.

Other benefits include, increase in business referrals which means:.

  • You’ll have more warm prospects
  • Conversion is faster with referrals because trust is built already established by the referrer
  • Assuming you provide good product and services, you’ll surely get more referrals out of these referrals

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As an attendee

Attendees of business events are targeted which means attending an event creates brand awareness and delivering the right message to the right people. You get to meet people and build relationship with people who works with the same industry.

Other benefits of attending a business event are the following:

  • Keeps you updated on what’s new within your industry by gathering information about current and future trends
  • Be able to connect with other business owners and influencers within your target market
  • Find motivation and inspiration from speakers
  • Be able to socialize with people within your industry

Other important benefits of business events in generating and nurturing sales leads include:

  • Reaching to different prospects during the event
  • Being known within your industry
  • Leveraging brand awareness for your business and be able to present your expertise to show the world
  • Stimulating a buying atmosphere
  • Creating opportunities for you and your partners
  • Get and share marketing ideas with other business owners within your industry
  • Opening the door to nurture sales leads. 

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