Top reasons for hosting events in Singapore

Top reasons for hosting events in Singapore

We are known for many identities, of which, “Food Paradise” is commonly heard of. Being known as a tiny island on the map, Singapore has certainly built a name for herself over the last few decades. Apart from being a country that is known for food, Singapore is also recognized for being one of the top choices as events destination. From lifestyle to business events, many event organizers are laying eyes on our garden city to hold their events.

World-Class Facilities

With spacious convention halls such as Suntec City and The Marina Bay Sands, it is no surprise to hear international events and business conventions being held locally. Due to its central location, the convention halls are easily accessible and of close proximity to the integrated resort, along with many other 5-star hotels around the vicinity. This makes accommodation no less of a problem for guests. Outdoor spaces, such as Gardens by the Bay are ideal spots for concerts and gigs as it accommodates a standing capacity of approximately 30,000 people. The latest event that was hosted here was the “I Am Hardwell” event by world famous DJ Hardwell, who landed in Singapore as one of his stops for his world tour.

Strong Social-Cultural Impact

As the influence of western culture is vast and pervasive, it is no surprise to see Singaporeans enjoying social and lifestyle events such as beer and food festival. The strong social-cultural impact evident in the country makes event holders more keen on holding their events here as responses are more often and expected to be positive.

Ease in Mixing Business with Pleasure

Besides being voted as one of the top 10 business hubs, businessmen do feel exoticism with a familiar comfort. It is highly common to be holding meetings with clients at the rooftop bar of Marina Bay Sands, overlooking the nighttime skyline while sipping an ice cold beer. This level of comfort could very well be one of our country’s features for both business event organizers and businessmen to pick Singapore as an ideal destination to host events.

Having hosted many events the past few years, Singapore has definitely built a reliable reputation as a country. Being voted as the top 5 international meeting countries, Singapore shares the same ranking as power players such as Belgium. It is no surprise to see series of popular events that have been running for a few years in this garden city.

Here are some example of events hosted in Singapore:

Singapore Design Business Summit

By gathering design champions and start-ups together, guests get to see industry players coming together to share on the evolution of business design. From workshops to networking activities, this annual event has been experiencing a growth in strength over the recent years.

World Gourmet Summit

This food festival showcases a wide array of quality cuisines from all over the world. Over a period of 1-2 weeks, workshops and cooking classes will be held at different high-class venues such as The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel.

Broadcast Asia 2015

Industry players from the broadcasting, film and live entertainment event industry come together for this annual event to discuss and share about the different parts of this business. Networking sessions were also organized for everyone to get together, making the experience as a whole an enriching one.

As Singapore progresses into a strong destination brand across the globe, we can expect a stronger calendar of major events in the future years to come. Star-studded events like the upcoming Formula 1 Night race and the crowd favourite “Colour Run” are expected to witness a stronger strength when it comes. The anticipated FPSO World Congress will also be taking place in the later part of the year, where stakeholders from the oil industry will be making their way down to Singapore for this much anticipated event.

If you are planning of hosting an event, Singapore is ideal for you. Sign up with a reliable event company and a call to invite campaign to ensure success.

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