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Finding the Right People to Exhibit for your Events

MAY 15, 2017 / HANNAH / 0 COMMENTS

Finding the Right People to Exhibit for your Events

For many business owners, attending trade shows is one way to network and create brand awareness.  There are 3 reasons why business owners or even marketing managers would want to host business events;

  1. Attract a large audience and increase brand awareness
  2. Create an awesome experience to all attendees, and 
  3. Have exhibitors to get a booth space and are hungry for opportunities. 

The sad part is if you are the one hosting an event, attracting exhibitors can be a bit of a challenge. Having to ask people to purchase or rent a small area and prepare a display system to show off products or services and attract potential clients are a big investment of time, money and resources.

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Every business owners know that when hosting an event they need vendors or exhibitors as much as they need sponsors. Exhibitors play a big role in the success of your event. It is a way of getting out of your inner circle, meet new people and make connections.

But why do companies choose to exhibit in an event? 

  • For visibility and credibility. A company’s presence at a trade show allows them to meet new customers and reach out to existing ones.

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  • To know what’s working and what isn’t in their industry. Business events are a great opportunity to know which from your competitors are attracting more people in their booth and learn from their marketing strategies. 
  • Events allow you to find out what your audience are looking for. It lets you develop and improve your product or service based on what matter most to your audience.

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  • Attending an event is a good opportunity for you to meet potential clients to nurture and help increase your sales.

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So how can you find exhibitors and get them to say “YES” to your event? Here’s a guide on what to consider when looking for the right people or company to exhibit the next time you plan on hosting an event. 

Find someone that has an open line of communication. 

A good exhibitor must be receptive to your ideas especially when it comes to what you want your event would turn out, the design of the booth and what products to exhibits.

Look for an expert that is knowledgeable in your industry.

Having a well-known company to exhibit in your event can drive more audience.

Here is one case study from Callbox Singapore and their successful event marketing campaign:

Choose someone with problem-solving skills. 

If you have 10 or more exhibitors, it’ll be hard for you to do everything all by yourself. You need someone who can come up with creative solutions when unexpected problems arise.

Pick an exhibitor that is willing to help promote and drive attendees to your event. 

Letting people know of your event is important to drive more attendees. Find an exhibitor who is willing to promote your event and inform their followers.

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Get someone with a good reputation. 

Now we all know that exhibitors have a big impact in your event. So in order for them to consider working with you again on your next event, make sure to have a healthy relationship with them. 

Here’s a bonus tip on how to make your exhibitors happy and more productive? 

  1. Consider install and dismantle time to avoid delay. 
  2. Offer complimentary meals and beverages. This is a great way to avoid downtime and builds a sense of camaraderie.
  3. Provide souvenirs not just to attendees but to your exhibitors, if necessary. A simple appreciation for their participation can go a long way.

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