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Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Promote Your Next Event in Singapore


Using Multi-Channel Marketing to Promote Your Next Event

What do Nike and Apple have in common? If you say both are globally renowned and trusted brands, yes, you are correct but more than just being that. These brands changed the world – the way people think, act and feel while being immersed in the world of Nike shoes and Apple computers, and all these were brought about by marketing.

Marketing is quite a broad subject to discuss and the very essence of it is the idea you conjure of how your product/service would make a mark on your target market. Also, the avenues you take in promoting your brand would definitely impact the end result.

Promoting an event, for example, does not just happen within the four corners of your outlandish booth but branches out to other channels. So let’s get to know what these channels are and how they contribute to the success of your event promotion.


(Pay per click adverts, newsletters, content, leafleting, networking, webinars, and social media)

Online channels can help you reach your target audience who are most of the time online, searching for information and are interested in the latest news and events in the community.

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Direct mail, though not widely used especially by younger marketers today, still contribute to the recipient’s awareness and gives the process and more personal approach. It feels good to receive a physical invitation, right?

Email Marketing

Among marketing channels, email marketing is still one of the most widely used for promoting events as it best serves the purpose of disseminating complete information or event details, aside from it being considered as a formal communication where event invites are sent.

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Telemarketing lives! Calling and courteously speaking with your target attendee would make the best mark of all other event promotion marketing channels. This is one channel where you are not only setting a relationship between you (company) and your prospect but offers a bigger room to build rapport which becomes a venue for you to gain their trust and loyalty.

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Traditional Advertising

Television and radio may be old school for some but still are effective channels to reach prospects who are quite distant from online tool engagement.  

There’s a bunch of marketing channels that you may use to promote an event but you have to consider the ones that would work best in capturing your prospects attention. 

However, above all these, first, you’ve got to have a goal of what you aim for your product or service to become and how your brand be known to your target consumers. Check out these 20 FREE Marketing Tools to Get Your Brand Out There

Marketing indeed is a broad subject. It isn’t just a task to do or a quota to reach but more of an idea that you want your target customers to know about who you are and what difference you can make in their lives.

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In one of Steve Jobs’ talks about marketing, he described marketing not as a tactic but a value, making a clear message of what you want your target market know about your product. The best example he cited was Nike which instead of detailing how good and nice their shoes are but instead honor the great athletes.  Apple, on the other hand, honored the people who think differently and changed the world in their ad “Think Different”.

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